What We Offer:

Upon direction from you, the Board of Directors, we enforce your property bylaws, provide you with accounting services, meet with contractors on your behalf, tender projects, oversee contracted work, and assist with any other tasks that may arise, including the following:

  • Obtain and present quotes for work required at the property
  • Provide assistance with interpretation of the Condominium Act
  • Assist with calling the Annual General Meeting by issuing the Notice of Meeting
  • Review and recommend new bylaws and amendments
  • Provide regular reports to keep you informed and up to date

We are responsible for the upkeep of the building and arrange for any necessary repairs as they arise.


Our job is to be proactive, not reactive.


We like to plan ahead and alert the board to situations that must be dealt with in the future. This can include such things as planning for snow removal or landscaping before the season begins.

When large repairs and maintenance are needed, we obtain multiple quotes and review them before they are brought before the board. This will not only reduce the amount of time the board spends looking at quotes, it can also assist them in making the right decisions. Based on our industry experience, we can and will give valuable input.

As the Board of Directors, you will still remain in complete control of the finances. We simply collect all related fees and deposit them directly into the predetermined account. We do not require signing authority on any of your accounts.


We also provide monthly financial reports tailored to your budget and specific needs. Each statement will outline your income and expenses for the month, as well as track expenditures to ensure you meet your annual budget. Our aim is to have these documents prepared prior to your monthly board meetings for your review.


If you do not have a budget or your current budget needs to be amended, we work with you to develop a budget that will enable you to meet your operating needs. We stay on top of market trends for you, so that we can budget for any increases in utilities or other essential services.


Skyline Property Management Inc. will oversee the day-to-day administration and financial duties for your condominium property. We will prepare a detailed Annual Operating Budget (in cooperation with the Condominium Board); review the Reserve Fund Study and provide advice on your annual reserve contributions; and issue notices and letters to owners/residents as required.


We also offer:

  • A fully computerized accounting system that allows us to continually monitor your revenues and expenses as well as provide monthly reports.
  • Monthly collection of maintenance fees from owners.
  • Printing of cheques for both operating and reserve expenses.

Our aim is to become the trusted representatives that your owners will go to when they have complaints, questions, or problems. Essentially, we will become the liaison and communicator between the board and the owners.


We collect all maintenance fees, as well as follow up on all delinquencies including the preparation and mailing of friendly reminders.


At Skyline Property Management Inc., we care about the environment. That means, we offer the option of providing timely information to the owners regarding any issues in the community via email, rather than paper notices.


In addition to day-to-day maintenance, operations, and financial management, we also create welcome packages specific to your condo community. Each package will provide your tenants/owners with essential information on operations, policies, bylaws, as well as what to do in case of emergency.

In case of flood, fire, or no heat, we offer 24 hour emergency services to all of our clients.


Skyline Property Management Inc. has been wonderful to work with, it is a pleasure to work with an organization such as this, they have been efficient and easy to get a hold off, they are prompt in returning phone calls and emails, we are happy with there services.
Nadia DeVenz
Great people over at skyline! Very helpful and always easy to reach.
Abel Gebeyehu