Spring Walk-About

Condominium Board of Directors have been elected by their peers to ensure that the condominium complex is being properly maintained and managed. It is strongly recommended that the Board of Directors perform inspections with a strong emphasis on a spring and winter walk-about. Today we will focus on the spring walk-about.

Identify and repair damage

Winter weather can leave your property needing a little extra care. Winter storms can lead to damage from extremely cold temperatures as well as snow and ice. Add the damage created by normal wear and tear, and you may need more repairs than you realize. So after the winter thaw it’s a good time to perform a spring walkabout. In your inspection, pay close attention to these areas:

  • Sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and steps. Poorly maintained walkways can lead to slips and falls, so make sure they are level and free of cracks or holes.
  • Roofs and support structures for your buildings. Ice and snow can put stress on your buildings. Check all roofs, flashing, rain gutters, balconies and the seals around doors and windows for damage.
  • Trees. Dead or loose branches and limbs can break off in moderate to heavy winds. Plan to remove these limbs as soon as possible. Every two to three years, you should have your trees professionally trimmed.
  • Pipes. Water leakage can lead to problems with mold and mildew. Check all pipes, water faucets and irrigation systems for leaks. Be aware: If you have known there is a plumbing problem for some time and did not repair it, resulting water damage may not be covered by your property insurance policy.
  • Parkade/Parking Lot. It is important to have your parkade/parking lots regular swept and inspected for spalling, sink holes, uneven concrete and line painting.

Most properties deteriorate at a rate of 1–2% per year, 4% in the absence of regular preventive maintenance and so it is important to identify and repair damage that may have occurred during the winter months

Regular upkeep and maintenance can reduce emergency repairs, which can take a toll on your budget. To learn more about how you can protect your condominium please contact Skyline Property Management Inc. at 780-577-1761