The Best Reasons to Join Your Board

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1. If not you, then who?

Get involved and have your voice heard! Apply your valuable life skills to helping your condo (and your investment) thrive and grow.

There are many reasons to put your name in the hat– spare time on your hands, an interest in connecting with co-owners, wanting to help find solutions to problems, projects not getting started or completed… it only takes one dedicated board member to get things done! Be that person!

2. Enhance your condo’s value!

Get involved with projects and take part in improving the overall appearance, atmosphere, security, and “bones” of your property. Assist in deciding what projects are needed and how to budget them; planning the scope of work needed; obtaining estimates and hiring the right people to get the job done safely and properly; selecting the contractor to do the work, etc.

It may seem like a lot at first, but just like anything else– you do it a few times, you learn, and get more comfortable handling projects! The best part: enjoying the bounty of your hard work!

3. Keep an eye on the financials

Ensuring responsible spending, saving, and investing, and not letting your condo get stuck with overpriced maintenance and/or management contracts. Learn how to analyze financial statements for any unusual payments or large invoices and ensure they were board approved.

Hold everyone accountable while protecting the financial security of your investment!

Helping a condo corporation operate smoothly can seem intimidating, but the benefits far outweigh any risks. It’s your home and investment, so it only makes sense to put the work in to improve all aspects of it for you and other owners and residents.

Let us help simplify it for you! Tune into the next segment where we will start to break down these topics, and more!