Why a Maintenance Strategy is Important

Planned preventative maintenance is an important tool in a condo corporation’s arsenal. Although not every disaster can be anticipated, or even prevented, there are simple strategies that can mitigate the risk of costly repairs. Examples may include: a boiler check in the spring and fall, annual duct cleanings, and performing roof inspections every 5 years.

For those that serve on the Condo Board, it’s recommended to know what maintenance tools and items the condo building has, and have a discussion with the property manager regarding how often certain interior and exterior areas of the building should be examined by a professional. Set a schedule for how frequent maintenance work should be performed, and ensure you are also setting aside an adequate budget allocated towards that planned preventative maintenance upkeep. Always keep record of when and what was serviced as well, as these records can be a handy tool to reference for prioritization and planning of future long-term projects.