To Lock or Unlock?

Have you ever wondered what would happen when the condominium is undergoing repairs or maintenance in every unit but you won’t be home?

Well, there’s something called the right of entry. The right of entry provides the condo corporation authorization to gain access and enter any unit within the building to conduct any necessary repairs and maintenances. Of course, prior to gaining access to your unit will require a notice to be provided to you first, with the exception of cases of emergencies. Permitting the corporation the right of entry can be seen written within the condo bylaws, and is backed by legislation.

Although the specific time frame will be set out by the condo bylaws, usually an official notice that states in-unit access is required will be provided to the resident within 24-48 hours. The official notice will include when access will be required, and why. Once the notice has been provided, the resident must facilitate access to the agent of the condo corporation (ie. board member, property manager, plumber or contractor, etc.), otherwise, they may be granted right of entry if it was already stated in the notice provided.

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