Key Points to Remember While on your Condo Board

Taking part in your condo board is a great way to get hands-on involvement with all matters related to your condo, and ensuring your condo’s value continues to thrive and grow.

Here are some key points to remember while being on your condo board:

  1. Respond when asked to do so — these days, many board decisions are made via email. Ensure that you are keeping up to date with your emails and provide a response as soon as possible, especially when asked to provide feedback regarding an issue or vote on a motion. Failing to respond in a timely manner can delay decision-making and action-taking, and sometimes this could even lead to the point of a non-serious issue transforming into a more serious one.
  2. Learn Robert’s rules — the universal rules and protocol for conducting board meetings that is the same for all parts of the world. Understanding Robert’s Rules helps keeps the meeting on point and flowing. We will later dig deeper into what Robert’s Rules are in an upcoming post.
  3. Remember what tasks you are responsible for — the condo board’s function is to ensure smooth operation of the condo corporation. Although the property manager will be the one to look after most of the day-to-day details such as emergency calls, collecting condo fees, paying invoices, and communicating with owners and residents. However, having a hands-on board can aid and enhance daily operations, and ensure more timely enforcement of bylaw or policy infractions, basic communication with owners and tenants, and reporting of any disturbance, damages, or other issues.

Stay tuned for more helpful insights into being an effective board member, and what Robert’s Rules are!