Making Things Happen in Condominiums

Often times, new or first-time condo board members are under the impression that decisions regarding all condo-related matters are made by the property manager. However, this is actually the opposite from the truth.

Condo board members are responsible for running the condo corporation and ensuring any short- and long-term concerns are being addressed. Any decisions that the board makes will occur by passing motions and must always respect the will of the majority.

Is there a policy change, decision, or project that you’d like to see actioned?

First, ensure that you have proper justification to detail what kinds of changes you would like to propose, and why it would be beneficial for all. (Any motions that would result in their own explicit benefit would be considered a conflict of interest, unethical, and could bring scrutiny and criticism to the board). Once you

💡 A motion is a formal proposal, idea, or statement presented in a meeting that will be discussed by members of the meeting and then voted on. When majority has voted in favour of the motion, then the motion is considered carried and adopted.

have that down, you may start composing a detailed email to the board with what it is you are specifically trying to accomplish. Be sure to also include the statement “I motion that ….”

The other board members will consider your proposal and declare whether they have support for, or are against your motion. If majority approval/support is achieved within the board, then the motion is carried and can then be actioned. (Congratulations, you just made your first motion!)

Emails in which decisions have been made should then be ratified at the next board meeting and be approved formally in the meeting minutes. Note that it is becoming increasingly common not to have in-person board meetings as many boards have started to opt for email and zoom meetings now.