So, you have decided you’d like to volunteer for your condo board. What are your next steps?

First, review your bylaws for the sections about The Corporation, Board of Management of the Corporation and Eligibility for the Board. These sections will describe who is eligible to become a board member, how board members are elected, and how long the term you would be committing to. 


There are two ways to gain a position within your condo board:

1. If the board currently has a unfilled vacancy, and if your bylaws allow it, an individual can be voted in by the remaining board members until the next AGM. This may be a good way to test the waters and get involved right away without committing to the full term. Check your bylaws for a section entitled “Casual Vacancy.” 


2. If the board is fully occupied, then you may be able to get elected at the next AGM. You will want to find out first if any of the current board members’ terms are coming to an end. If so, you can put your name in for consideration. There will be a vote at the AGM and, should you have the majority in your favour, you will become an official board member! 



light bulb to show idea or tipTIP: It is a good idea to inform the board your intentions in advance. Some boards may have policies around the voting process. For example, they may wish for you to prepare a short write-up with your intentions and/or experience that you bring to the board position. However, please note that that previous experience is not necessary. 



Once you accomplish these steps, you can begin to make a difference in your condominium building and you will surely find this learning experience to be most satisfying.