Congratulations on getting elected to the condo board!

Now the fun begins. For first-time directors, there is an overwhelming amount of new information to digest. While it may seem like everything has to be learned at once, it may be more realistic to take a gradual approach. Here are five need-to-know topics to get the journey started:    

Condo vs Apartment

We have been asked several times, what is the difference between a condo and an apartment.  Here is a quick explanation of the differences. What is a Condo? A condo is a type of shared property which contains individually owned units.  In addition to the individually owned units, you also jointly own the common area …

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Frustrated Board Members

Way to often we here Board Members say the following: Our Property Manager never returns our calls; Our Property Manager doesn’t respond to our emails; We can’t seem to get anything fixed at our complex; We have a constant rotation of Property Managers and ever time someone new starts we have to start over; We …

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Pre-Construction Condos

Buying a pre-construction condo unit can be a very exciting experience.  You have a beautiful new home that you have agreed to purchase and move into but do you know what to expect after you receive your keys?  Do your research and make sure you budget for higher condominium fees than originally calculated by the …

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Rental Property Nightmare

Having a rental property can be a great form of income for landlords. Most of the time things will run smoothly and you will have no issues.  Sometime you will face tenants that have not paid their rent or have maybe caused some disturbances and maybe some minor damage.  Very rarely things are worse than …

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Spring Walk-About

Condominium Board of Directors have been elected by their peers to ensure that the condominium complex is being properly maintained and managed. It is strongly recommended that the Board of Directors perform inspections with a strong emphasis on a spring and winter walk-about. Today we will focus on the spring walk-about. Identify and repair damage …

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